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Still Missing Beulah: Stories of Blacks and Jews in Mid-Century Miami
Enter a world where signs advertising "No Jews. No Coloreds. No Dogs" are as common as palm trees and mosquitoes. And see how an aging Jewish businessman copes with unwelcome changes to his home town's cultural landscape.

I've been fortunate over the last few years to write about food for the Sun-Sentinel and other publications. In so doing, I've met many professional chefs and home cooks and come to admire the passion and care so many people bring to the table. I've particularly enjoyed trying out new recipes, some of which were more promising than others. But -- as far as I'm concerned -- it's the people, the cultural context in which food is prepared, and the creativity and passion of people who love to cook that makes writing about food such a joy.

The articles at the bottom of the column to the right are question and answer columns, some of which include recipes. Listed at the top are basically holiday or seasonal stories with good recipes. If you don't enjoy cooking, I hope you'll at least enjoy the people about whom I write.