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Boca Raton writer Becks Ruchinsky is shocked to learn her elderly father, Tootsie,  was a member of the Jewish mafia and may have murdered his best friend. When he offers her one lie after another, she sets out on a journey to learn the truth about his past. What awaits her at the end of her investigation is more disturbing than she could have imagined. 

A gripping and thought-provoking murder mystery, The Jewish Gangster’s Daughter explores the precarious world of the 1940s and 1950s Jewish mafia . . . and the limits of familial love.

Praise for The Yiddish Gangster’s DaughteR

Whatever you might think you'll find in a book entitled The Yiddish Gangster's Daughter, forget it.  Joan Lipinsky Cochran has crafted an engaging, multi-layered family saga cum mystery where a fifty-something woman and mother of two grown sons suddenly discovers that the comfortable, predictable life she has been living is nothing but a sham.  Her attempts to make sense of her impossible new reality are both touching and gripping, making for a truly unique literary experience.

Les Standiford, author of Center of Dreams and Last Train to Paradise


A compelling and well-written family drama. Cochran beautifully captures a daughter’s angst and frustration with a father who’s determined to hold onto his secrets even when his family members’ lives are at risk. These are characters you want to be friends with . . . and a few you hope never to run into in a dark alley.

Sharon Potts, award-winning author of The Other Traitor


A fascinating and engrossing read. The Yiddish Gangster’s Daughter examines questions of trust and loyalty through the dual eyes of a father with a hidden past and a daughter who is gradually discovering her father’s secrets – and wishes she hadn’t. It’s a story of heartbreak and loss told with humor and grace.

Rabbi Ilene Schneider, award winning author of the Rabbi Akiva Cohen Mysteries and of Talking Dirty – in Yiddish

A gripping family drama in which a daughter has to confront the mystery of her father’s criminal past.  Gritty and realistic and hard to put down. Well done! 

 Deborah Shlian, author of Florida Book Award Gold Medal Winner for      Rabbit on the Moon